Why Cabinet van Keulen?

A wonderful maison de caractère or demeure on a beautiful spot. When you walk through the door, the feeling this is ‘the house’. Immaculate after the inevitable and desired adaptions. We talk about lay-out, style, design.

Cabinet van Keulen offers you the combination of project management and interior design.

Your ideas will be discussed and plans are being made for a renovation or restoration. This is about the re-lay-out of a building, about functions, what is to be put where and in what size in m2. New openings in the facade for windows or French windows for more light. An extension for a conservatory. A real library, a barn-conversion for a summer-kitchen. A intimate concert-hall.

Question is also how does it show. What will be the style or is the the existing style leading? Do we have tommettes on the floor and do we want to see more or are we going to put parquet in place? Batton rompu in oak? How to cover the walls? Wall paper, pierres apparentes, paint, tiling in bathrooms, kitchen style modern, classic or country? Finishing with decoration, furniture, curtains, carpets.

Cabinet van Keulen will oversee your renovations and engage local craftsmen.

From stonemasons, plumbers and carpenters to cabinetmakers and stained glass-artists. Working with Cabinet van Keulen gives you peace of mind and makes your live easier, especially if you are not able to be present. And you only have to deal with one contact person.

Help in the buying process

Cabinet van Keulen can also help in the process buying a property. We can assess the condition of a house and the consequences of any defects. In this phase we can already look at the possibilities and costs of a renovation.

Who we are

In 2007 Eric van Keulen has created Cabinet van Keulen in France after a long experience in the same business in the Netherlands. Many of the projects deal with complex and comprehensive renovations with budgets ranging from € 100.000 to € 2.000.000.

We are active in Gascony in the south-west of France. Based in the south of the Lot et Garonne, Cabinet van Keulen covers the Gers (32), the Lot et Garonne (47) and the Gironde (33). Also projects possible in the Lot (46) and Dordogne (24) on request.


Cabinet van Keulen: Charme, Authenticité, Atmosphère