Eric van Keulen is a building surveyor. In collaboration with his clients he designs and executes all aspects of the renovation of traditional houses or châteaux including the landscaping of gardens and installation of pools.

Cabinet van Keulen will oversee your renovations and engage local craftsmen such as stonemasons, plumbers, carpenters and cabinet makers, and stained glass artists.

Many of our projects deal with complex and comprehensive renovations with budgets ranging from €75,000 to €2,000,000.

We can also help in the process of buying property. We can assess the condition of a house and the consequences of any defects. This knowledge is important in the negotiation process.

From 2007 - 2017 Cabinet Van Keulen was based in South Burgundy. Now we are active in Gascony in the southwest of France. Based in the south of the Lot et Garonne, Cabinet Van Keulen covers the Gers (32), Lot et Garonne (47), Tarn et Garonne(82) and Haute Garonne (31). Major part of Gascony.

What we do

Initially your ideas will be discussed and if necessary a plan drawn up. We will consider the choice of materials and decoration. An estimate is made of the costs involved. We can apply for a building permit if it is necessary.

Next, when you agree on a plan, you will need to know the fixed price of your project. Cabinet van Keulen will ask for quotes which will be discussed, and then, if agreed, will be signed by you. After completion the work will be thoroughly checked by us before you pay the contractors.

In the final stage the work goes ahead. Cabinet van Keulen will co-ordinate all the building activities. Sometimes during extensive renovations there has to be a bit of juggling between different workmen and problems crop up which need to be solved. It is important to keep an eye on the quality of work throughout the process. Working with Cabinet van Keulen gives you peace of mind and makes your life easier, especially if you are not able to be present.